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Art springs from an interior dialog to become thinking in motion that generates change. We participate in these dynamics by becoming mindful weavers of a web that will know how to restore dignity and freedom to a culture mired down in narcissism, cliques and self celebration. Our values are creative awakening, authenticity, involvement and aggregation, with the desire to break down the barriers and the patterns imprisoning culture and art circuits, fouled by social climbing and a mistaken concept of cultural professionalism. Art is first and foremost vocation. Our intent is to support and promote initiatives that will give new vigor and momentum to the creative work, allowing the ideas that spring from every cultural gesture to develop in a truth that is removed from any mystification. We want to cultivate a thinking that will make authentic universal values bloom in the fascinating but regretfully arid contemporary world. Where art comes together, there’s a message of peace. Today we witness the sad show of the scattering of cultural and artistic events, due to the artist’s narcissism and the deplorable mindset of tending one’s own garden and not enriching oneself by team work. What contemporary culture lacks is sense of Community, of living together, of participation, despite the abnormal extension of communication and its horizons.
It all explicates on a superficial level, and this dispersion restricts knowledge.
Instead of spreading the thinking brewing among us, it’s the thinking
contained in commercial products that is divulged. The new art, which exists but is neutralized by this grim system, which creates ever more scattering and does not support the work in its being communication tool, is rarely divulged.
It’s easy to neutralize art: you can do it with a mirror for larks! The means to propagate art are hardly more than receptacles for egotism, and much too often the circulation is reserved for those who pay more, rather than to those who deserve it. It is easy to satisfy the ego, the desire to come out on top, to make one’s voice be heard. That is why quality artworks is often swimming in a sea of mediocrity that makes them invisible. By paying, can be obtained a
service suited to satisfy the author, not a service that will propagate artwork.
It is hard to promote artistic products: to do it, you need guts. Operators must offer values: the value of discovery, the value of circulation, the value of the care for the product, the value of the encounter and the value of coming together. Whether it is a publisher, a bookseller, a cultural gathering, an art gallery, a theater, a literary award … whatever us artists turn to must offer value, it must not merely be a Narcissus mirror.
The artist’s worst enemy is the ego, and it would be gullible to think that substituting I with Us suffices to reach universality, the latter not to be understood in a purely globalizing and extensive sense. It is possible to overcome individualism by recognizing and embracing the deepest level of subjectivity. One thing is the Ego, another is the Self.
The contemporary world is devastated by an improper and arid grouping concept that compels to live superficially. Uniformity is the symptom of absence of depth. That erroneous propaganda which deviously pushes to misinterpret the inner dig, the search for oneself, the self analysis, labeling it as intimism, as exclusion of the other, as withdrawing of the ego in itself.
It is essential for the individual to start thinking no more as a monad, but as a community. Art is communion, is exchange, is dialog that takes place deep down. It is there, where universal values can be found, whilst we tend to mistake universal with general consent. Art does not speak to all, turning them into a mass, but to the heart of each one. It is not a political or advertising message, but a revelation of the sense, or one of the senses, of life. It truly addresses the other, with the awareness that the other is first of all a consciencial dimension of the self.
If dispersion is the result of a boorish system ruling the world of art, then at least we need to try to find aggregation, to find cohesion, to try and gather into one or more basins, the creative individuals who want to exit the usual
contemporary art and culture circulation model. All of this in the attempt of guiding an ever larger public towards a higher quality cultural product.
By coming together, sharing, uniting and exchanging opinions, we will be able to give art its proper dimension and bridge the huge gaps of this system. The Power is how we want it, because money is at the service of the mind, whereas the contrary is not true. Is then up to us – individually, to each one of us – to try to change direction, and creative souls, in this scenario, have a huge responsibility.The arts are thinking training grounds, creativity laboratories, and we must treat them as such.

Claudio Fiorentini
Franco Campegiani
Maria Rizzi
Nazario Pardini
Andrea Mariotti
Marco Mastrilli
Loredana D’Alfonso
Patrizio De Magistris
Valeria Bellobono
Pio Ciuffarella
Massimo Chiacchiararelli
Sandro Angelucci
Laila Scorcelletti
Ninnj Di Stefano Busà
Associazione Culturale Polmone Pulsante
Roberto Guerrini
Deborah Coron
Simona Simoncioli
Sonia Giovannetti
Roberto De Luca
Luca Giordano
Paolo Buzzacconi
Gabriella Di Francesco
Fabrizia Sgarra
Roberto Mestrone
Angiolina Bosco
Pasquale Balestriere
Umberto Cerio
Umberto Vicaretti
Francesco Dettori
Valentina Vinogradova
Claudine Jolliet
Andrea Marchetti
Mauro Montacchiesi
Patrizia Bruggi
Diego Romeo
Camilla Migliori
Alberto CanforaAngelo Sagnelli
Patrizia Stefanelli
Ester Cecere
Orsola Fortunato
Adriana Pedicini
Giovanna Repetto
Alfonso Angrisani
Concezio Salvi
Lorella Crivellaro
Maurizio Navarra
Aurora De Luca
Emilio Anselmi
Mario Prontera
Angelo Mancini
Gianpaolo Berto
Dario Puntuale
Umberto Messia
Roberto Nizzoli
Patrizia Poli
Maria Vittoria Masserotti
Michela Zanarella
Roberto Furcillo
Giovanni Bergamini

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